Italy, Venice street life

naples2005tmbn18.jpgnaples2005tmbn12.jpgItaly is a beautiful place. It seems the time there has stopped at the 20th century.Many of the bulidings look very old. Most are grey, but some are evenred or yellow. They have pretty special  bulidings, different from Seoul.  The windows are big and they are not only shaped as a square. The streets are noisy from the loud purrs of scooters. More people(espeically young) ride scooters. They are covered smooth metal and coarse tires. They honk thier horns that make a quak sound to tell the people to move.

There are many outside cafes for people to sit and drink. most of the cafes have a long booth covered by a cloth to shade the people. There we can smell many delcious things. But the most things we can smell is spagetti!From the cafe you can almost hear the spaggeti simmering in the pot! The smell of backed tomatos were fresh but still slightly sweetly. The taste was also good. The feel of bread on my finger tips are soft and warm.

There is an open small river in the street. There people can take a ride. The smooth but slightly coarse boat is pretty comfortable. The smell of oak and water rally calms me.The oars man usually wears red and white striped shirts and a black hat. Some oarsmen sing songs of love or travel. While riding, soometimes the cold water splashes at you. The water is very cold and not that clean.

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