The pencil case that I am going to show you will be a BARGIN that you shall never meet again!

This pencil case is a genuine teddy bear shape

<- similar pattern

with beautiful green and purple checked patterns on its body!

Not only is the fabric BEATIFUL and CUTE, it is also 100% COTTON!

That means that it is SOFT and made out of one of the most known and best fabric!

To people that do not know about cotton, 

it is a soft fiber that grows around a cotton plant. That means that it is also ECO-FRIENDLY!

No hazardous chemicals, no fakes.

Another great part about this pencil case is its shape.

It is shaped like a TEDDY BEAR!

However because of the MATURE PATTERNS people of all ages can take it around.

You can also REUSEit by stuffing the stomach part through the zipper to make a genuine

toy teddy bear!

This teddy bear pencil case also hold up to pencil 19cm long!

It’s stomach(where you put the pencils) is 19cm LONG and 11.5cm WIDE.

You can at least put in 5 pencils, an eraser, and some pens!

It’s inside is WIDE and CLEAN!!

Last but not least, it is washable in the LAUDNRY MACHINE!

Many people have a hard time in cleaning their pencil cases because they have to hand-clean it!

Well not anymore!

This pencil case is washable even in a machine because it is made out of 100% COTTON!

The color doesn’t fade, and it doesn’t get any smaller!



You might say  that it is too pricey for a pencil case but you should think about

how much the materials cost and that it is hand-made!

A rusty machine didn’t make it! I did, with my two hands!

Not only that, think about its many benefits like being machine washable or eco-friendly!

Now buy this pencil case before you regret it!

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