My Pencil Case Reflection

←This is my pencil case.


I have never been good at crafts, especially after when I gave my paper crane a good soak

of glue in kindergarden….;;

When I first herd out main idea which is “A structure has to be in place for a system to work”

and that we were going to make pencil cases…..I flipped…

However I did my best…..(though the results are not as satisfying..)

It’s even a suprise for me that I was able to make a stuffed arm!

However, as I finish this unit and think back, I feel that I have still much to learn.

I wish that I had looked for more information, like stitches..

For that result, all my teddy-bear goblin’s skin is covered with running stiches.

I also wish that I had calculated everything much more closely..

I personally  think that my pencil case’s arm is too long, and it’s legs are too short!

I also wished I prepared more for my presentation…

To think that I would have ran out of time..

Who knows taht maybe if I had preacticed 1~2 more times, that my presentation would

be a success…


However, this does not mean I am not 100% satisfied..

As I said, I was very suprised when I was finished with my pencil case.

I wasn’t proud, no that would be a big problem..(WHO would be proud of THAT?!)

I was just thrilled that I was able to do something like this..

My teddy-bear goblin’s hat satisfied me too!

I liked the way it seemed real… full with a brim and a ribbon..

It actuatlly took me a long time to think of this idea. I saw a similair idea on the internet

but it was to fragil! I thought of making it out of felt..^^


If I have the time to make this kind of craft again…

I think it would be a great challenge to try again…. Except I want to try something a tad easier..^^;;