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Hey, I'm a total twerd, twilighter.. Whatever you call that is about Twilight!!LOL I love reading, music, and cooking. I've read all the Twilight Saga books and others. XD.;;;


There will be so many things that I miss when I leave 6th grade.

I’ll miss… 

my friends

my teachers

the cafeteria

our classroom

gym class

our play ground

our school bus

our computer room



projects that were oh so colorful

and even the means joke that the boys played on me!

Gosh, this is making me very very gloomy. I hate being gloomy. Wow that sucks. Anyways I want everyone to know that I won’t forget them. I’ll keep on missing them as I live. Once a friend, always a fiernd is my motto! I luv U!

A Reflection

A lot of things have passed this year. New friends, new teachers, field trips( lol. Japan!! ), and also many events have passed by through the past 12 months. Non can all be joyful as other, such as non can be as deppressing. I’ve actuatlly felt that this year, I’ve grown. Both physically and mentally. I’ve learned to understand, I’ve learned to think, I’ve learned how to make a meaning. These shall be one of the most important lessons I take as I live, and as I walk. I am very thankful for all my teachers and friends. If It weren’t for them I wouldn’t have the me as I am speaking now. I’ve felt many changes. Although  I’ve hated changes all my life. Even changing seems to change. I’m now a more confident, and jolly me. And I give all this credit to my one and only friends Ji you, Mi Jeong, Han ah, Jin Woo, Seo Hyun, You Vin and all others. Thank guys.

       As I have said, I have changed a lot. From my personality, to my looks, 6th grade has been such a big grade for me. I remeber the first day that I came to6-4. A new year, yet such an old feeling of wonder and suprise. I was nervous, and a piece of fear was cowering in the corner of my heart. At that time, some people gave their hand out to me and helped my get up. And with their help, now I am possible to get up by myself. It’s never so easy, and I sometimes fall down but 6th grade made me ready for that. Now I’m ready to go on. Ready to start Middle School without the same fear. That fear went out of the door a long time ago- to long for me to almost remember.

       I’ve been selfish many times as I have lived. I’ve also had times were I was cold enough to leave the friends who always took me back with wide arms. I’ve always been sorry about it, and I believe that I will always be in debt to home I ever hurt. In the inside or out. I also want to make a promise here. I promise that I will that I will never forget 6th grade. I promise that how long time goes on, I shall never forget the memories and lessons I have learned this year. Anyways, even if I don’t promise, I don’t think that 6th grade will be easily erased out of my mind. I mean who can erase such a colorful memory as mine? lol


I LOVE 6-4! I lOVE YA’ ALL! (gosh I sound like a hippie.)



OCD( Obsessive Cullen Disorder): A disease which symptoms are simple. You love the Cullens and are a bit obsessed with it. Your obsession is maniac -like and you are a true Twilighter. There is no scientificly found way in how to prevent it or how to cure it. You get it for eternity. And eternity is long if you are a vampire.

I have OCD. I’m proud of it too!


Oh! And this is just a shirt I designed with photo shop. Someone close asked me to, and I just decided to put it up on this blog. Though I might regret tomorrow, I am too lazy to take it down. That shall just waste 5 seconds from my life. 5 seconds that will never come back. Now that was gloomy, eh? Oh well, life can never always be a bit jolly, right?

ANYWAYS, if I get a good comment I might put some more up.(Or not)  I’ve designed about 4 shirts. lol


What is says in the lowest right corner: Bella- How old are you?

                                                              Edward- 17

                                                              Bella- And how long have you been 17?

                                                              Edward-……..A while.

OMG!! I love this quote almost as much as the lamb and lion one!

Egypt- fun facts!!

1.The Ancient Egyptians divided thier years into twelve months consisting of 30 days with 5 days left over.

2. Silver was considered more valuable then gold in Ancient Egypt.

3. The Cat was a symbol of Fertility and sexuality, which is why later Ancient Egyptians painted their eye to mimick those of cats.

4. The Ancient Egyptians were the first to invent paper, using papyrus.

5. Ancient Egyptians mummified animals as well.

6. Ancient Egytians didn’t celebrate birthday’s.

7. Dreams were thought to be communications from the Gods and clues to thier futures.

8. The Ancient Egyptians loved their cats so much that if one of their cats dies they would shave off their eyebrows and mourn until their eyebrows gre back.

9. According to ancient myths, bees were the tears of the Egyptians sun god Ra.

10. The average life expectancy for an Egyptian woman was 54 and 52 for a man.

11. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was the center of a human, so they paid special attention to the left side of their body because that is where the heart is.

12. It is though that the riches in Tutankhamen tomb as well as his mask and tomb were stolen from the tombs of his father Akhenaton and Nefertiti, his mother.

13. The longest reigning king was Pepy II he was King at age 6 and rules until 94.

14. Ancient Egyptians were the first to use pigeons as messangers.

15. In Ancient times an amulet was worn to ward off evil.

16. The Sphinx lost it’s nose in 1798 when Napoleans soldiers used it for target practice.

17. Beer was invented in Egypt. 

18. Some children had a pet monkey or gazelle;  cats were sacred and wore a gold earring.


Morroco is a country in Africa. It is very civilized so I want all the people who think that Africa is in poberty to change their mind!! However… I am doubting if I did the right job to pick Morroco. Researching is getting harder and harder…..LOL

I am seeming to like Fes though… It isn’t beatiful but it seems to have a long history for it is the longest medieral Islamic city in the world! There seem to be so many sounds, sights, abd smells.

Rabat doesn’t seem that bad too. It is a European city and is very well kept. They say that it is a very realxed place and also very elegant too! It shall make you forget which content you are in. It is kind of like the European city in Korea, KyungKido.

The High Atlas Mountains seem…dangerous. They’re very high and that is why they are called the mountains out of mountains. Flat-roofed, earthen Berber villages cling tenaciously to the valley sides, while irrigated terraced gardens and walnut groves flourish below. Yhe High Atlas runs diagonally across Morocco!!!

Other information

-Money: Dirham(Dh) US 1$= Dh 8.5

-Languages: Arabic, French, Berber

-Seasons(Climate): Hot (June to August) Cold (November to Febuary)

-Population: 33.2 million


Book Review on Twilight Series

I really love Twilight. I really really do! I wouldn’t be exagerating if I said that I would be its number one fan!


I think that Twilight is the best book out of the whole series! It’s fresh, sweet, and still unpredictable! It may be the best for all since it is where everything started. Bella& Edward meets, meets James, almost gets killed…. All my friends actuatlly agree with me. If I would have to pick my favorite scene, it would be when Bella met the Cullens. They’re the people she’ll live with the rest or her exeistence for Pete’s sake!  To dwell out of this subject for a sec., I love Alice and Emmett! They’re both so energetic and humerous. They manage the cloud of ‘doom, perish, and gloom’ to move off to another coven!

New Moon-

I was very, very, disapointed in New Moon. Why breakup to sweatheart’s love. Of course, their love and bond got even stronger after their breakup, but still! It shall always be a never forgetten memory in the back of their hearts… HOW CRUEL IS THAT? I would also like to ask Stephenie Meyer, WHY she inserted Jacob? Why put in a intruder that would make thier love harder than before. Look in Eclipse! Have you ever thought how Edward would have felt? Of course he is the wonderful gentelman who wants only Bells’s happinnes, however he said that she brought up human emotions he didn’t know he had! One of those emotions are envy. Though he is a fictional character, Stephenie Meyer, you broke his heart.


Eclipse also had not reached my expectations. I love how Stephenie Meyer brought back Victoria with a new born army. It was a very fresh topic in thinking how vampires who only lived in small covens could start a war. I also love it because it brought characters behind a veil into our view. Eclipse showed us the past of Rosalie and Jasper, how they came to be and what they did. They were both a tragic in how Rosalie was tortured to death by her fiance and how Jasper had no choice but to fight. However I was very dissapointed in how Stephenie pulled the story throughout love. Why make Bella love Jacob? She admitted to herself that she only thought of him as a brother. Why want to make more out of that when you have a love, more specificly Edward?! I was very disapointed in the Bella who couldn’t make her mind and make both the men who love her have to ache? I do not understand and think that she could have done better. I am on Team Edward and I always think how selfish she was to kiss Jacob and hurt Edward. Though this is kind of harsh, I wouldn’t mind if he died.

Breaking Dawn-

First of all I’d like to ask Stephenie Meyer if she’d like to keep the Twilight Saga Series a young adult novel. I think that there were some scenes….unappropriate for teenagers under 15~16 for example in Chapter 4, Isalnd Esme. However, I did like the thought of Renesmee Carlie Cullen. She is sooooo cute! OMG I fell in love of her as fast as she came out of the book! She is adorable and I think that I can understand why the whole Cullen family fell for her. She’s also very unique having the opposite of Edward’s power. While Edward sees, Renesmee shows. It’s a shame that she’ll have to stick with Jacob though. Good luck kido. LOL. I also don’t like the nick name Nessie too so you’re not alone Bella! Anyways I also loved how all different kinds of vampires came to help the Cullens. Tanya was the biggest surprise because I thought that she would hate Bella and try to kill her! I also loved Zafrina and Benjamin. I wish Stephenie Meyer would publish a book all about the other vampires.


Allas, the Twilight Series are over. However I shall never forget them!! NEVER. I wish Stephenie Meyer would keep on publishing..


Oh, and this is my fanfictoin Id: Midnight525

Some people asked for it. For the people who don’t know, I write bits of Twilight Fanfiction on www.fanfiction.net so…see it if you want…. I guess…XP

Space Food

Space Food’s PAST

1959~1963->Project Mercury

Most of the astronauts disliked thier food. There were only bite sized cubes, tubes filled with mushed food and dried & powdered food. There were many crumbs so they disliked collecting them too!

1965~1966->Project Gemini

There were several complains about Project Mercury’s food. First of all tubes were not used from then on. Gelatin coatings on the cubes were also a needed job too decreese the crumbs. Not all of the foods were dehydrated as severly than the other project too! There were also more varities of food in Project Gemini like shrimp cocktail, chicken and vegetables, toast squares, butterscotch puddings, and apple juice.(The develop of technology!)


1961~1975->Apollo program

There were many more varities of space food. Hot water made dehydrating food easier now and gave a more appetizing result. The spoon bowl helped too! Food could be kept in special plastic zip-closure containers, and its moisture allowed it to stick to a spoon.(Apollo)

 1973~1974-> Skylab

Larger living spaces on the station provided space for the on-board freezer and refrigerator and allowed frozen items to be stored. Menus this time newly included ice cream and meat, which was able only because of the freezer. The systems and dinner changed newly too. A dining room table and chairs, fastened to the floor and fitted with foot and thigh restraints, allowed for a more normal eating experience. The trays used could warm the food, and had magnets to hold eating utensils and scissors to open food containers.


These days, fresh vegetables and fruits that are able to be kept in room tempature and eaten on the ship.  Astronauts also have even more varities to choose from and sometimes ask for menus like fruit salad and spagetti. Beef Jerky is also very popular as it is lightweight, nutritious, and can be utilized in orbit without packaging or other changes.

Some other foods….

  • Beef stroganoff
  • Brownies
  • Crispy rice cereal
  • Chicken stew
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Pineapple
  • Granola bars
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Chocolate pudding
  • Cultural Foods

    Korean: In April 2008, South Korea’s first astronaut, Yi So-Yeun brought a special version of Korea’s national dish, kimchi. It took three research institutes several years and millions of dollars to make it suitable for space.

    Jewish: In June 2008, Gregory Chamitoff  brought bagels into space for the first time. brought with him 18 seasame seed Montreal-style bagels from his cousin’s bakery.



    http://kr.youtube.com/watch?v=zBU8RZok0uw ->about spacefood and life. 3min. 50 sec.

    http://kr.youtube.com/watch?v=GZccQy9PGAo&feature=related -> proccess of space food



    My Pencil Case Reflection

    ←This is my pencil case.


    I have never been good at crafts, especially after when I gave my paper crane a good soak

    of glue in kindergarden….;;

    When I first herd out main idea which is “A structure has to be in place for a system to work”

    and that we were going to make pencil cases…..I flipped…

    However I did my best…..(though the results are not as satisfying..)

    It’s even a suprise for me that I was able to make a stuffed arm!

    However, as I finish this unit and think back, I feel that I have still much to learn.

    I wish that I had looked for more information, like stitches..

    For that result, all my teddy-bear goblin’s skin is covered with running stiches.

    I also wish that I had calculated everything much more closely..

    I personally  think that my pencil case’s arm is too long, and it’s legs are too short!

    I also wished I prepared more for my presentation…

    To think that I would have ran out of time..

    Who knows taht maybe if I had preacticed 1~2 more times, that my presentation would

    be a success…


    However, this does not mean I am not 100% satisfied..

    As I said, I was very suprised when I was finished with my pencil case.

    I wasn’t proud, no that would be a big problem..(WHO would be proud of THAT?!)

    I was just thrilled that I was able to do something like this..

    My teddy-bear goblin’s hat satisfied me too!

    I liked the way it seemed real… full with a brim and a ribbon..

    It actuatlly took me a long time to think of this idea. I saw a similair idea on the internet

    but it was to fragil! I thought of making it out of felt..^^


    If I have the time to make this kind of craft again…

    I think it would be a great challenge to try again…. Except I want to try something a tad easier..^^;;



    The pencil case that I am going to show you will be a BARGIN that you shall never meet again!

    This pencil case is a genuine teddy bear shape

    <- similar pattern

    with beautiful green and purple checked patterns on its body!

    Not only is the fabric BEATIFUL and CUTE, it is also 100% COTTON!

    That means that it is SOFT and made out of one of the most known and best fabric!

    To people that do not know about cotton, 

    it is a soft fiber that grows around a cotton plant. That means that it is also ECO-FRIENDLY!

    No hazardous chemicals, no fakes.

    Another great part about this pencil case is its shape.

    It is shaped like a TEDDY BEAR!

    However because of the MATURE PATTERNS people of all ages can take it around.

    You can also REUSEit by stuffing the stomach part through the zipper to make a genuine

    toy teddy bear!

    This teddy bear pencil case also hold up to pencil 19cm long!

    It’s stomach(where you put the pencils) is 19cm LONG and 11.5cm WIDE.

    You can at least put in 5 pencils, an eraser, and some pens!

    It’s inside is WIDE and CLEAN!!

    Last but not least, it is washable in the LAUDNRY MACHINE!

    Many people have a hard time in cleaning their pencil cases because they have to hand-clean it!

    Well not anymore!

    This pencil case is washable even in a machine because it is made out of 100% COTTON!

    The color doesn’t fade, and it doesn’t get any smaller!



    You might say  that it is too pricey for a pencil case but you should think about

    how much the materials cost and that it is hand-made!

    A rusty machine didn’t make it! I did, with my two hands!

    Not only that, think about its many benefits like being machine washable or eco-friendly!

    Now buy this pencil case before you regret it!