My Pencil Case Reflection

←This is my pencil case.


I have never been good at crafts, especially after when I gave my paper crane a good soak

of glue in kindergarden….;;

When I first herd out main idea which is “A structure has to be in place for a system to work”

and that we were going to make pencil cases…..I flipped…

However I did my best…..(though the results are not as satisfying..)

It’s even a suprise for me that I was able to make a stuffed arm!

However, as I finish this unit and think back, I feel that I have still much to learn.

I wish that I had looked for more information, like stitches..

For that result, all my teddy-bear goblin’s skin is covered with running stiches.

I also wish that I had calculated everything much more closely..

I personally  think that my pencil case’s arm is too long, and it’s legs are too short!

I also wished I prepared more for my presentation…

To think that I would have ran out of time..

Who knows taht maybe if I had preacticed 1~2 more times, that my presentation would

be a success…


However, this does not mean I am not 100% satisfied..

As I said, I was very suprised when I was finished with my pencil case.

I wasn’t proud, no that would be a big problem..(WHO would be proud of THAT?!)

I was just thrilled that I was able to do something like this..

My teddy-bear goblin’s hat satisfied me too!

I liked the way it seemed real… full with a brim and a ribbon..

It actuatlly took me a long time to think of this idea. I saw a similair idea on the internet

but it was to fragil! I thought of making it out of felt..^^


If I have the time to make this kind of craft again…

I think it would be a great challenge to try again…. Except I want to try something a tad easier..^^;;


Climate change global hot spots

Climate change global hot spots

Becasue of climate change, many places in the world are changing. The world is getting too warm and it is getting so bad that we can feel its change. This is a real problem!!!!!These are the changes in some contries.

Greenland-Snow and ice is dissapearing.

Canada-Polar bears might be extinct if the weather is keep getting higher~

Kenya-Coral is bleaching and the crops are decreasing.

Brazil-38~45% of the plants might be extinct.

Indonesia- Floods are expected becuase of the sea rising ( ice is melting)

Sweden- Some wetlands have dissapeared.

Italy-Droughts will come earlier and last much longer.

Spain-Amphibians might extinct.

United States-There are increases of hurricanes.

China- Severe Droughts.

India- The Hindu Kush ice mass has extremly decreased.

Polar Regions- The habitats of migratory birds will change and decrease .

There is so much damage to the world and it is more depressing becasue we are the ones who have caused it.  We are feeling the pain we have cause to the Earth. A sad truth isn’t it?



Reef-saving effort focused on Hawaii



Hawaiii which has more than 84%of the coral in U.S is now going to have efforts to save the coral until 2010. D. James Baker, task force co-chair and head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that 70% of the coral in the whole world will disapear in the whole world by 2050. This is very dangerous because if the coral disapears , than the enivorment chain will break, and peole who get jobs out of toursims will lose it. For this reason the goverment will use 1.35 million to improve the coral reef management and protection and the education of it. It is not yet clear to say if this effort is a success but some marine bioligst are saying that it is  a faliure in large populated areas.  There are other reason for the coral reef disapearing including global warning and destructive fishing which is not very authorized!!

Italy, Venice street life

naples2005tmbn18.jpgnaples2005tmbn12.jpgItaly is a beautiful place. It seems the time there has stopped at the 20th century.Many of the bulidings look very old. Most are grey, but some are evenred or yellow. They have pretty special  bulidings, different from Seoul.  The windows are big and they are not only shaped as a square. The streets are noisy from the loud purrs of scooters. More people(espeically young) ride scooters. They are covered smooth metal and coarse tires. They honk thier horns that make a quak sound to tell the people to move.

There are many outside cafes for people to sit and drink. most of the cafes have a long booth covered by a cloth to shade the people. There we can smell many delcious things. But the most things we can smell is spagetti!From the cafe you can almost hear the spaggeti simmering in the pot! The smell of backed tomatos were fresh but still slightly sweetly. The taste was also good. The feel of bread on my finger tips are soft and warm.

There is an open small river in the street. There people can take a ride. The smooth but slightly coarse boat is pretty comfortable. The smell of oak and water rally calms me.The oars man usually wears red and white striped shirts and a black hat. Some oarsmen sing songs of love or travel. While riding, soometimes the cold water splashes at you. The water is very cold and not that clean.

Corals in Crisis


The corals of the world are in a crisis. Corals are very thin amounts of tissue on top of a rock that they build. Only a very thin layer of polyps on the coral’s surface is actually alive. These polyps, which resemble tiny sea anemones, build interconnected tubes around themselves as protection against predators. Corals are very sensitive&delicate, so they can only live in a specific habitat. They need a specific amount of sun, and the exact tempature of the water.

Corals are a very important part in the env ironment, but the problem is that there are decreasing fast. From the 1970’s, 38%of the coral has decreased. (In only 3years!!) Many marine biologists say the reason is because of humans. In Florida, people drain their waste water  directly into the ocean. The additional nitrates in the human waste cause algae to grow on top of the coral structures and deprive the coral polyps of sunlight. In the Indian Ocean around Sri Lanka, fishermen often use dynamite to catch fish and in the process end up blowing the reefs to bits. Other than that they can die from stress of the irretation of humans, or becuase of the global warming which happens becuae of humans.

Unfortunatly, the corals can not adjust to the human activities. They can adjust to storms becuase they have time. But human polution comes again and again without rest. So they just die witout having the time to fight. This problem will not get better even if we plant new coral becuase they will die in only 1~2 years. The only way to stop this problem is to not polute the world!!!



Trumpet Fish★

trumpet-fish.jpg<- This is a trumpet fish. As you can see, it is very skinny.

scientific name: Aulostomus chinensis

Looks: The Trumpetfish can be recognised by its long body, tubular snout with minute teeth, and the series of short dorsal spines. It is often brown or green with pale stripes and bars, and white spots posteriorly. A yellow (or xanthic) colour variety is common in some areas. Individual fish have the ability to change their colours very quickly. It gorws up to 80cm in length.

hunting: It uses camaflouge. It often approaches its prey vertically, darting down from above and sucking the prey into its long snout. (yuck)

habitat: In Australia the Trumpetfish is recorded from most tropical waters and down the east coast to central New South Wales. It usually lives 20m under water.

Japan reflection

dlkjfd.jpgJapan was a wonderful palce to be. Although I have always hated Japan, I think my look of Japan has changed quite a bit!! They are pretty kind, and even if they might be cursing us inside, they do not show it. That is important becuase we have to show a good image to people and should learn what to say in public and what we should not.

My favorite place there was Todaji and Universal Studios Japan!! Todjai was such a big and beautiful place!!! The structures were all very de

tailed and pretty! No wonder it was made as a UNESCO architecture!! There were also 3 thin streams of water falling from a roof which meant money, love, and health!!  I liked the shops under it the best becuase we could buy and see many traditional japanese things! (I bought a cup and traditional japan tea!! yum~)

Universal Studios Japan was wonderful!!! I like Hollywood dream the ride and Spiderman’s adventure!! I like Hollywood dream the ride becuase it was the only rollar coaster in this amusment park!!! It was very thrilling!! I could look at the whole place from above!!! Spiderman was fun becuase it was 4-D!! While having the 3-D effects, I could feel the fire being hot, and the water with waterdrops!! It was a bit scary becuase it was 3-D! It seemed so real!!!

Japan is a wonderful place! I’m sure I’ll come back soon!!^^

Brainstorming for Japan test!

Why we should go to Japan…japanese-street.jpg

  • Learn their manners. We used to be named the mannered country of East Asia, but we lost that name to Japankimchi.jpg
  • Learn thier technology. Japan is the 2nd best country in both economy and technology. We should learn it from them. ex) the auto bathrooms.
  • Strict rules. When you see schools or any places in Japan, they all keep the strict rules like keeping good lines.
  • They are very clean. When you look at their streets, there are no garrbege. No cans, paper, or, cigare wastes!!!
  • Learn their culture. We should learn their culture just for knowledge. By learning from them we can learn both their weakness and strong points.

Why japanese should come to Korea.

  • They should learn our wonderful food culture. Our food is loved and known these days for being helathy and tasty!! Our speical spicy food tickles everyone’s tounge!! But Japan’s food is so sweet and there are usually nothing spicy. There are no varites unlike Korea!!
  • They should learn from our culture. As we should learn form their culture, they should learn form us too! They should learn our  strong, peaceful, but lavish culture!!

Narita airport

Narita airport is an airport located in Narita although it serves Tokyo.

Tokyo is the source of much of Narita airport’s traffic!

No wonder why it is busy because it has more than 40 airlines!!

Until 2004 it was known as New Tokyo International Airport.

At first when this airport was made, there was a crash between the

citizens and the goverment. There are still some crashes these days too!

I am so exited about Narita Airport becuase it will be the first Japan place

I go to!! Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!